Fantasy 3-10 and 3-18

In addition to the well-documented 3-10 and 3-18 by Charlie Mariano (March 1953) and Cal Tjader (August-September 1954), Jepsen and subsequent discographers — Bruyninckx, Lord, but not Raben — list another 3-10 by Dave Brubeck, and another 3-18 by Red Norvo.

It seems clear that these variants never existed as regular issues sold in stores: they are conspicuously absent on the second-hand market, and one finds no traces of them in Fantasy promotional materials of the time (a January 1954 catalog where the series had reached 3-12, and a July 1955 catalog where it had reached 3-21). It is hard to fathom where Jepsen may have gotten his information.

Maybe he relied on premature announcements, or test pressings? In fact, even that hypothesis is hard to reconcile with the currently accepted time line. In the account of Jepsen et al., the alleged 3-10 consists of 5 of the 8 tracks later issued on Fantasy 3-210 ("Jazz At The Black Hawk"):

Paul Desmond (as) Dave Brubeck (p) Wyatt Ruther (b) Lloyd Davis (d)
San Francisco, September 1952
I May Be Wrong (2:53) 527, EP4053, LP3-210
On A Little Street In Singapore (2:40) - - -

Ron Crotty (b) replaces Ruther
Surf Club, Los Angeles, February 1953
Blue Moon (8:10) LP3-10, EP4014, LP3-210
Let's Fall In Love (7:25) - - -

Bill Bates' Home, Los Angeles, 1953
My Heart Stood Still (3:27) LP3-10, 530, EP4055, LP3-210
The Trolley Song (rehearsal)(2:15) - , 535, - -

The Trolley Song (3:15) LP3-10, 530, EP4055, LP3-210

Black Hawk, San Francisco, September 1953
Jeepers Creepers (7:24) EP4053, LP3-210

Now, it seems quite unlikely that this 3-10 could have been planned (let alone pressed) before the Mariano album, unless we revise the currently accepted date for "The Trolley Song": December 14, 1953 at the Stockton "College of the Pacific" concert, according to Fantasy FCD 24727. (On the other hand, this late date fits rather well with Fantasy 530 not being out by the time of the January 1954 catalog, which stops at 529.)

Likewise, Jepsen's account of Red Norvo's alleged 3-18:

Red Norvo (vib) Jimmy Raney (g) Red Mitchell (b)
Los Angeles, September 1953
Blues For Tiny LP3-12, LP3244
Can't We Be Friends - -
Our Love Is Here To Stay - -
Signal - -
Somebody Loves Me - -
The Best Thing For You - -
You Are Too Beautiful - -
Deed I Do - -
I Would Do Anything For You LP3-18
Love Is Just Around The Corner -
Too Beau -

Tal Farlow (g) replaces Raney
Hollywood, October 1955
Farewell To Alms LP3-18, LP3244
Lullaby Of The Leaves - -
Sweet Georgia Brown - -
Tea For Two - -

seems impossible on its face, since Cal Tjader's 3-18 was already out by July 1955. However, Peter Broadbent notes that Prestige PRCD 24108 ("The Red Norvo Trios") re-dates the second session as "October 1954". Also he reports that a tape exists of the first three "3-18" tracks above, and that they actually feature Farlow on guitar. Broadbent confirmed this in conversations with both Farlow and Norvo.