Bleu Regard Records Checklist

compiled by G.Heinlein
updated Sept. 2003

Please note: This is not a sales catalog, it's a research help for discographers.

1941 Charles Tyler Folly Fun Magic Music Nov.1990/Feb.1992
1942 Charles Tyler Mid Western Drifter Mar.1992
1943 Dennis Charles, Rémi Charmasson, Bernard Santacruz A Scream For Charles Tyler Apr./Jul.1992
1944 Charles Tyler/Ensemble Voyage From Jericho Jul.1974
1945 Michel Montanaro, Barre Phillips, Serge Pesce, Alan Vitous, Gyöngyi Écsi, Gérard Murphy, Philippe Neveu, Christian Zagaria Tenson May/Nov.1992
1946 Wilber Morris Trio Collective Improvisations Jul.1981
1947 Daunik Lazro, Jac Berrocal, Didier Levallet, Denis Charles Outlaws In Jazz Nov.1993
1948 Quartet Belghoul
(Hammed, Mustapha & Rachid Belghoul, Alain Noël)
Harmolodies May 1993
1949 Bernard Santacruz, Denis Charles, Cheikh Tidiane Fall, Frank Lowe Latitude 44 Apr.1994
1950 Barry Wallenstein, Bill Chelf, Jeff Meyer, Jeremy Steig, Charles Tyler Taking Off - Poetry and Jazz 1981
1951 David Murray, Bobby Few, John Betsch, Jean-Jacques Avenel Flowers Around Cleveland May 1995
1952 Patrick Favre, Perry Robinson Mouvement Dec.1994
1953 Christian Brazier, Sunny Murray, Rasul Siddik, Sophie Agnel Pérégrinations Oct.1995
1954 Daunik Lazro Quintet Dourou Nov.1996
1955 Daunik Lazro, Jean Bolcato, Christian Rollet A.H.O. (And His Orchestra) Apr.1997
1956 Serge Pesce, Barre Phillips, Jean-Luc Danna Jazz d'aià Mar.1998
1957 Matthew Shipp Magnetism Jan.1999
1958 Serge Pesce, Jean-Luc Danna, Baba Sanou, Nazou Sanou Beù Beù
1959 Frank Lowe, Bernard Santacruz Short Tales Mar.1999
1960 Charles Tyler Live in Europe Oct.1975
1961 Sabir Mateen Quintet Secrets Of When May 2001
1962 Rob Brown Trio Round The Bend May 2001
1963 Cosmosamatics Live At Banlieues Bleues Mar.2003

- CT 1942/CT 1943 also as ADDA 590134/ADDA 590136
- CT 1944, CT 1950, CT 1960 originally on AK.BA records
- CT 1945 also as MUSIDISC 541952
- CT 1948 also as ADDA/MUSIDISC 542002
- Spelling variations `Dennis/Denis' Charles as on label

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